Thursday, September 24, 2009

Super Easy French Dips

This is so easy and so so yummy. I love it because it works great when we have company. You can do it for lunch or dinner. I usually have all this stuff in the cupboard and the freezer ready to go for those nights I just want something easy and fast.

1 package French Rolls
1 bottle Johnny's French Dip Sauce
Roast Beef from your local Deli
1 onion
Fresh Sliced Mushrooms
package Swiss Cheese

Make the Au Jus according to package add Roast Beef until the meat is hot. Saute Mushrooms and onion in a bit of olive oil (i add a little sugar as well) until brown and delicious. Pile meat, onions and mushrooms on hot broiled rolls. Top with slice of cheese and voila. Pure yumminess. The OP loves this - minus the onions and mushrooms of course! Be sure to serve with the au jus!

Whip up some coleslaw or tater tots or both and voila - you've got a meal.


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monica said...

That sounds good. I will have to find that stuff at the store!