Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday Treats

Maybe one day I will have the time to do this blog the way I want but for now I will just post when I can and call it a work in progress!  I haven't really been cooking or baking as much as I want to. :(  Just been putting some meals together last minute. That is what happens when you have three young daughters and home school, I guess.  I think that I might actually be the work in progress these days.

Life is crazy! For instance I put on a pot of beans walked over to my computer and forgot about them and voila - burnt beans. Lovely!  

For now just a little treat. If you are ever in the neighborhood of Santa Ysabel, California (just a hop skip and a jump away from Ramona) make sure you stop into one of my favorite bakeries.

or just click on the picture and head on over there now from your current seat and order some yummy bread or their most wonderful Fruit Bars.  I am going to as soon as I am done posting this. TTFN